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Nature 2 Spa Mineral Cartridge


The best eco-friendly and low maintenance alternative to heavy bromine or chlorine use.

The Nature 2 Spa mineral cartridge is an eco-friendly solution for hot tub owners looking to reduce the use of chlorine sanitizers needed to keep clean and clear hot tub water.

The Mineral cartridge works by automatically dissolves traces of mineral elements into your spa water. Once dissolved the elements destroy bacteria and viruses to keep your hot tub water sanitized.

Nature 2 Spa mineral cartridge uses silver, copper and advanced patented technology to destroy bacteria and other harmful contaminants from your hot tub water. Leaving you with a noticeably softer, clearer and cleaner hot tub water.

NOTE: Compatible with chlorine based sanitizer ONLY

  • EPA-Approved
  • Eco-friendly alternative
  • Keeps hot tub free from bad bacteria
  • For hot tubs up to 500 gallons
  • Easy to install, fits directly inside the filter cartridge
  • Reduces the use of harsh hot tub chemicals, to help reduce skin irritation
  • Compatible with all hot tub flow rates and existing filtration system
  • Low maintenance, 4 month lifespan
  • Comes with support stem so you can mount cartridge to the middle of filter cartridge

To Use:

  1. Simply drop Nature 2 Spa mineral cartridge into the spa filter area.
  2. Can be left in hot tub and work effectively for up to 4 months
  3. Helps to keep water smelling great and clear between usage.

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