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Klean Surface Muriatic Acid 4L


Keep stones, concrete, and brick looking beautiful and new. Tackle any dirt, salt and calcium that builds up in the harder-to-clean areas of your pool and spa with a powerful solution that dissolves dirt and eliminates stains to also prevent mold. Klean Surface Muriatic Acid works rapidly to clean and protect your concrete and stones. The solution also helps to improve paint adherence so your backyard can maintain its luster and stay looking beautiful for even longer.

Klean Surface Muriatic Acid is an aqueous composed of 31.5% hydrochloric acid designed to effectively eliminate dirt and stains from stone, concrete. This solution can also be used to modify your pool pH or alkalinity. 

To clean concrete with Muratic Acid, dilute the solution with 3 to 5 parts water. Wait a few minutes until bubbles disappear before use. Once complete be sure to thoroughly rinse surfaces with clear water, then let them dry.

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