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JAVA Above Ground Pool (Oval 12'X24') - Hybrid Series


The Java LX above ground pool is designed to provide years of sale, family fun. With its subtle tones of dark greys and detailed wood pattern took reference from sun-bleache planks.The above ground placement makes the installation process easy. Avaliable size is 12'X 24", please call store for inventory details.

The perks of above ground pools:

  • Quick and easy to assemble: Assembly can go from start to finish in a day.It’s as easy to take down as it is to set up
  • Fit into small spaces: Have a tiny backyard? No problem. Above ground pools come in various sizes, and some of them are perfectly suited for pint-sized landscapes
  • Less work to maintain :Smaller pools mean less area to scrub and vacuum, as well as less water volume to keep clean and chemically balanced
  • Hybrid series 54" wall
  • Salt water compatible 

This above ground pool Includes: 

  • Pool kit
  • EZ Bead Liner
  • Wide mouth skimmer and return eye
  • Freight and taxes extra

Key Features

  • 7.5″ resin top ledge and stabilizer (Curved to offer a perfect look)
  • Resin ledge cover
  • Steel upright finished in a deep onyx colour
  • Resin bottom rail and foot cover (Smooth, quick installation into upright)
  • Compatible with salt water systems

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