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IPG Spa Kit


IPS Spa Maintenance kit and water treatment products kit provides a 3 month supply of spa maintenance chemicals.

Easily and effectively maintain your hot tub or spa with the IPG Spa Kit.

Kit Includes:

  • IPG Spa Kit
  • IPG Spa Zap
  • IPG Spa Flush Cleaner
  • IPG Spa Quick Tabs
  • IPG Spa Start Maintenance

Kit Includes:

  • IPG Spa Kit - Spa Maintenance Kit for better water health
  • IPG Spa Zap - clarifier, reactivator and oxidizer. IPG Zap works to remove organic residue. It is an oxidizing and clarifying all-in-one spa water treatment chemical
  • IPG Spa Flush - Liquid concentrated hot tub and spa pipe cleaner. Removing Built up deposit or organic substances grime and scum from hot tub pipes.
  • IPG Spa Quick Tabs - stabilized chlorinating tablets for effective chlorine sanitization of your hot tub
  • IPG Start Maintenance - naturally derived hot tub water treatment chemical that works to remove traces of organic substances from your hot tub water.

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