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Beachcomber Hush Return Jet


The Hush Return Jet sends fresh, cleaned, and heated water from your hot tub hush pump back into your hot tub. Powerful jet action from the hush pump keeps your hot tub water clean for bathers. Angle the jet up for exciting water-rippling action, or down for calmer water return and a relaxing hot tub soak. 

The Mini Hush Return Jet is the external jet fitting for Beachcomber hot tub models made between 1996 to 2001. 

  • Colour: Grey 
  • Compatibility: Beachcomber Hot Tubs 1996 to 2001
  • Size: 2-5/8 inches across the jet diameter 

The mini Hush return jet also provides a roto massage and requires the additional Beachcomber internal fitting 3001022.

The hot tub return jet can be installed manually or professionally if assistance is required. The unidirectional jet can be adjusted to flow in the direction preferred by the bather. Ideally, hot tub return jets should be aimed away from skimmers and filters.

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