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Hush Pump Seal Assembly


Do you have a leaky pump? 

When leaks occur, replacing your seal before the motor before it worsens can save you from replacing the entire pump. Most hot tub pumps have a sealant that prevents water from leaking out the wet end and into the motor. When disrupted, your hot tub will leak and not filter the water adequately. Thankfully, the Hush Pump Seal Assembly has a 48-frame circulation pump with a Viton seal for easy application on Beachcomber tubs. With quiet filtration and effective sealing, you can go back to enjoying your hot tub time.

The Hush Pump is a professional-grade circulation pump featuring a 48 frame with a Viton seal assembly for all Beachcomber hot tubs. The Hush Pump is 1/15 HP, runs on 230 volts with a 1-½” intake, and discharges with a side wet-end. It is upgradable to long-life and chemically-resistant Viton®. It is a PS-200 Standard Version with a 5/8” impeller shaft diameter. It offers improved resistance to heat and chemicals. 

  • Style: Standard
  • Shaft Size: 5/8”
  • Type: Viton
  • CL-200CV, CL-3867
  • Carbon Graphite Primary Ring, polished Ceramic Seat, 304 Stainless Steel Hardware & Bellows Elastomers

It is best to have an Ozone or Salt Grade hot tub for application. Ensure your pump and motor meet original factory standards and have not been tampered. It’s advised to follow proper installation instructions, including the use of lubricant on the rubber parts.

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