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Hayward Universal H-Series Natural Gas 350,000 BTU Low NOx


Presenting Hayward®'s best on the market heater with eco-friendly mindset; the Universal H-Series heater! All Hayward H-Series heaters are energy-efficient, but the Universal H-Series Low NOx pool heater has an industry-leading thermal efficiency of around 83-84%. This is the perfect heater for the environmentally conscious pool owner.

Enjoy a perfectly heated pool all season without breaking the bank. Hayward's H-Series heaters represent the most innovative heater technology for pools and spas. the hydraulic performance conjointly saves energy by decreasing the circulation time of the pump. The heater can heat an 800 gallon pool by 30º in just one hour.

Monitor your heaters performance via a LED control panel. Other reasons to buy the Hayward Universal H-Series Natural Gas Heater is the performance and efficiency-enhancing features that are included. With just the touch of a button the ignition system creates reliable lighting and dependable operations. The patented forced draft system moves air through the insulated combustion chamber to remove all outside air variables that could hinder the heater performance ie wind.

The Hayward Universal H-Series heater incorporated universal fit flexibility with the latest in technology to make it compatible with literally any new or old equipment pad.

Buy this heater to enjoy:

  • More comfortable swimming experience
  • Energy Efficient Heater
  • Fuel Cost Savings

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  • Stainless steel burners
  • Corrosion resistant Finn Plate Heat Exchanges made with Cupro nickel
  • Insulate Hearth Tile Combustion Chambers
  • LED Control Panel
  • Easy To Install

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