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Hayward Main PCB Circuit Board for AquaRite Model Chlorinators


The Hayward Main PCB Circuit Board is a replacement part that is compatible with Haywards AquaRite Salt Chlorinator model. The PCB Main circuit board is designed to exactly fit in your AqauRite chlorinator system. It can be easily installed to your current control unit to communicate with the salt cell to control the sanitization of your pool water.
The circuit board is dual voltage and assists your T-Cell Salt Cell to keep your pool clean and clear. The Hayward AquaRite PCB Main Circuit board is a durable replacement part that will deliver superior performance.


  • 110/120 V Dual Voltage
  • Hayward Main Printed Circuit Board GLX-PCB-RITE

Compatible with:

  • T-Cell-15 and other T-Cell models

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