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Hayward eVac Series robotic pool cleaner with caddy

Hayward eVac Series robotic pool cleaner with caddy


The Hayward RC9738CT eVac robotic pool cleaner with caddy is your most valuable pool asset. The Hayward RC738CT is one of the most energy-efficient pool cleaners on the market, using up to 94% less energy! Despite only using the same amount of energy as a standard lightbulb, the Hayward E.Vac packs a powerful punch. Consumers will be impressed with the efficiency and power in this little machine. 

Unlike most pool cleaners, the Hayward E.Vac series requires no additional hoses or hookups. It operates from a stand-alone system, separate from your pool filtration system, effectively minimizing the need to backwash your pool.  

The Harward RC9738CT eVac is a floor-specific cleaner that will deliver high-quality performance. For full pool coverage, including walls and the surface line, try the Hayward eVac Pro.


  • Easy to use: Operates using its own stand-alone operating system. No hoses or additional equipment required! No tools needed to install
  • Intelligent Cleaning Technology: Featuring QuickClean® technology, the Hayward eVac will calculate the size of your pool and automatically program itself to deliver the most time and energy-efficient cleaning path. Its smart technology means it can clean most pools in 1 hour or less.
  • Easy to Clean: With access to the filter from the top, it’s quick and easy to remove and clean. Just remove, spray and return, easy as 1,2,3. 
  • One year warranty

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