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Hayward Aquavac 500 robotic pool cleaner with caddy

Hayward Aquavac 500 robotic pool cleaner with caddy


The AquaVac 500 is one of the most self-sufficient and energy-efficient pool cleaners on the market. It is built with a microprocessor-based program to ensure optimized and complete pool coverage. 

The robotic pool cleaner features Dual-Mode technology, providing users with two different cleaning programs to choose from. 

  1. A fast 1.5 hour pool floor only clean
  2. A deep 3 hour, covering the entire pool, floor, walls and waterline.

You can also set up a recurring cleaning schedule at various timed intervals, including a “Clean Now” option with no repetition. The dual blade scrub brushes promise to deliver a pristine clean pool, while the 60’ no-tangle swivel cord means your cleaner will cover every inch of your pool.



    • Dual Brush System: With two gripped scrubbing brushes, the brushes quickly loosen dirt and effortlessly suck up algae and debris. 
    • Customizable Cycles and Frequency: Choose from two different cleaning modes and set up your cleaning frequency based on your individual needs—frequency options offered from one-time clean to after every 24, 48 or 72 hours.
    • Sensors: Built with out-of-water sensors to protect your robotic cleaner’s motor and equipped with a beach-entry sensor to instantly reverse direction when it starts to surface out of the water. 
    • No Set Up Required - The AquaVac 500 runs independently of your pool’s filtration system.

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