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Hair Renew


Say goodbye to dry, tangled, damaged post-pool hair. Hair Renew protects your hair from chlorine, UV rays, dry air, salt, and hard water. The gentle hair treatment works day and night to neutralize chemicals and prevent damage. You will be left soft, silky, and healthier. So you’re free to let your hair down.

Hair Renew gently neutralizes and helps protect against damage from chlorine, UV rays, hard water, dry air and salt. It contains deep nourishing properties that detangle and smooth hair. Hair Renew provides continuous protections during and after exposure. It will leave hair remarkably soft and silky.

Hair renews moisturizes hair after swimming to quickly prevent dry and dull hair. Jojoba Oil in this hair treatment prevents dryness, and grape seed oil restores hair follicles, leaving them more supple and shiny. In addition to conditioning damaged hair, Hair Renew prevents chlorinated water from causing green hair. 


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