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Filter Cleaning Canister


Simplify filter cleaning with the easy-to-use filter cleaning canister that enables cleaner hot tub water, improves water circulation, reduces sanitizer consumption, and enhances hot tub performance. The filter cleaning canister allows for comprehensive filter maintenance and hot tub care that’s easier than ever.

The filter cleaning canister is equipped with a convenient brush to make cleaning your filter simple and is designed to perfectly fit the micro filter inside. Once you soak your microfilter for 8-24 hours, you can use the gentle built-in brush to effectively remove logged dirt, grime, and debris with ease for improved filtration capabilities.


It’s quick and easy - directly place the filter into the canister, add your cleaning solution, either Filter Pure or Filter Cure (use only one per month) and leave to soak for 8-24 hours. Once you’re done soaking, simply use the built-in brush to remove stuck on dirt, and rinse thoroughly with water. Now that you have a clean Microfilter, you can reinstall and get better circulation and filter performance.

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