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Filter Cleaner (1L)


The 1 Litre Filter Cleaner rids your filtration system of dirt, rust, scale, body oils, hair and cosmetic residues that can get trapped in pool sand or cartridges.

Sand, rust, body oils, dirt, residue, and scale deposits can collect in swimming pools and clog filters and cartridges, causing unwanted materials to back up in the pool and filters to break. Don’t let that happen to you! Keep your pool and spa filtering seamlessly and improve your filtration system’s longevity with the IPG Filter Cleaner. This solution can be easily integrated into your pool maintenance regimen to keep up your pool’s health.

Concentrated Green Certified Sand and Cartridge Filter Cleaner

The IPG Filter Cleaner can be used on a regular basis to enhance your filtration system. The solution is designed to eliminate any build-up or debris that could impact the health of your pool filters, including: 

  • Sand 
  • Dirt
  • Scale Deposits 
  • Body Oils
  • Cosmetic Residue


1. Mix a solution of 250 ml of Filter Cleaner for every 5 L of warm water. (Varies based on cartridge height).

2. Insert cartridge upright in the cleaner solution, ensure that the entire cartridge is covered by the solution. Keep cartridge in solution to soak for 6 hours.

3. Once done, remove and rinse the cartridge with fresh water.

4. Allow cartridge to dry and then put back in the filter.


1. Increase pool water level to the max level above the skimmer.

2. Stop the filter system and clear the skimmer basket so that it is empty and clean.

3. Pour the contents of the Filter Cleaner into the skimmer with your filtration system in the Filter position.

4. Start the pump and let run for 5 seconds then stop. Next, empty the entire bottle into the pump basket, clamp down the lid and keep the pump on until the coloured liquid is gone and the water is clear.

5. Wait 8 hours.

6. Next, switch your filtration system to “Backwash”, turn your filter on and let the system run for 2 to 5 minutes. Stop the pump, put the filtration system back to the “Filter” position and start the system.

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