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EZ Weld Repair Patch


Fiberglass reinforced polyester repair patch.

Bonds to curved and uneven surfaces including rust.

Industrial strength.

Heat and chemiscal resistant.

Waterproof, and can be sanded, drilled and painted.

Cut-to-Size, One step application and UV cured. 


For use on plastic pipe, fiberglass, plastic, metal, conrete, drywall, gutters, wood, pipes, hoses and more. 

3''x6'' Patch

1. Surface should be cleaned, dry and free of any contamination.

2. Cut EZ WELD Repair Patch into any size you want without exposing it to UV.

3. Remove white backing tape to expose sticky resin. 

4. Apply patch with the resin side down.

5. Remove transparent film backing.

6. Press firmly and expose to UV or sunlight. 

NOTE: Curing times depend on UV intensity

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