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Beachcomber Eliminate Plus (1L)


Beachcomber ELIMINATE PLUS™ is a water conditioning stain and scale inhibitor for hot tubs. It is specifically formulated to improve water clarity by dissipating metals and works to prevent calcium scale and staining.

Should be used as part of your weekly preventative maintenance program.

  • Reduces Corrosion
  • Prevents Mineral build-up
  • Maintains jet efficiency
  • Extends life of pump seal

Beachcomber Eliminate Plus is a concentration stain and scale inhibitor formulates to prevent the build-up of calcium scale in and around your hot tub water. High calcium levels result in a cloudy appearance and an itchy feeling on the skin. Calcium scale can grow on hot tub fixtures and equipment, the heater coil, the microfilter and reduce their effectiveness. It is designed to be used weekly as a preventative measure against stan and scale build-up.


  • Ensure circulation system is on before adding Eliminate plus. Keep hot tub in circulation operation for 6 hours before adding any brominating or chlorinating products.

Start Up:

  • Per 1000L of hot tub water add 60 ml of Eliminate Plus

Weekly Maintenance:

  • Per 1000L of hot tub water add 30 ml of Eliminate Plus

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