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Cover Cleaner (1L)


Keep your pool covers looking new and lasting long with an easy-to-use pool cover cleaner. This fast-acting solution maintains your Winter Cover and Solar Blanket Cover’s lifespan, preventing dirt from accumulating and mildew from forming. This Cover Cleaner makes it easy to fold covers, facilitating storage, so your covers are in excellent condition for many seasons. 


Clean dirt, grime, and build-up and eliminate odours with this fast-acting cover cleaner to protect the longevity of your winter pool covers and solar blanket covers.  

Before using Cover Cleaner, remember to remove any leaves, rocks, or debris accumulated on the cover, then wipe clean with the cover cleaner to dissolve residue and create a lasting protective layer that keeps your covers good new.

Step 1: Using a hose, rinse your pool cover of leaves and debris.

Step 2: Pour a liberal amount of Cover Cleaner in its non-diluted form onto the pool cover.

Step 3: Using a mop or brush, scrub the cover

Step 4: Rinse the cover with water until all residue is gone.

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