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Clean & Perfect (746ml)


Whatever is keeping your pool from looking its best or working its best can be eliminated with Clean & Perfect. The powerful all-purpose cleaner is designed to remove even the toughest grease, dirt, or scum that could be accumulating in your pool or spa. This miracle product can clean virtually anything ranging from soot, dirt, and water line rings to insects, leaf stains, and mildew – and the list goes on. Clean & Perfect keeps your pool Clean & Perfect!  


Clean & Perfect is a natural, environmentally friendly, all-purpose pool cleaner designed with SMARTZyme technology and surfactants to provide a powerful clean. This pool cleaner can eliminate tough stains and odours from various surfaces – hard or fabric. Clean & Perfect is the cleaner you need to keep your pool looking and working like it's brand new.  

Clean & Perfect tackles everything, including: 

  • Covers for your Spa  
  • BBQ, Grills, Covers  
  • Pool Tiles  
  • Debris 
  • & So Much More! 

Before Use: Test product on small area to check for colour bleeding and fading. 

Step One: Appy to Surface Directly 

Step Two: Let Stand for 2-3 minutes then, wipe produt clean with a sponge or soft cloth

If you're using Clean & Perfect on old stains or any grease build up, mix in with warm water on the surface, then wait up to 5 minutes before wiping clean and setting aside to dry. 

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