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Beachcomber Chlor Blast (900g)


The Beachcomber CHLOR BLAST™ is a stabilized chlorinating granules hot tub water treatment disinfectant product containing a chlorine content of 62%. It effectively kills algae, viruses, bacteria and pathogens present in your spa or hot tub water while also preventing future growth of these organisms. This chlorine product makes it easy to keep your hot tub water clean and healthy.

Beachcomber CHLOR BLAST™ is a granular chlorine-based hot tub water sanitizer and oxidizer with a relatively neutral pH level of 6.7. The chlorine-based sanitizer works to kill and control the presence of algae and bacteria in your hot tub water. Works best when used for regular oxidizing of water.


Fresh Fill:

  • To superchlorinate a freshly filled hot tub, add 20g of Chlor Blast for every 1000L of hot tub water.
  • Keep water in circulation for at least 15 minutes before entering.


  • Keep proper chlorine residual levels by adding 10g of Chlor Blast for every 1000L of water, daily or when needed.

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