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Beachcomber Care Free (900g)


Beachcomber CARE FREE™ is the industry standard in water care treatment systems. Replacing traditional water conditioners like clarifiers, oxidizers, sequestering agents and biofilm disruptors, comes the CARE FREE™ 4 in 1 weekly water care treatment system.

Designed to work in tandem with Beachcomber CARE FREE BOOST™ water sanitizers but is compatible will all chlorine sanitizers.

The exclusive Beachcomber CARE FREE™ is a water conditioning system for your hot tub. It has a pH level of 2.5 and a blend of oxidizing compounds that works to rid your hot tub water of organic material. It leaves your water more clean and minimizes your filters effectiveness by maintaining a more stable water balance. Super quick, easy to use and almost odorless, Beachcomber CARE FREE™ will leave your hot tub water sparkling and clean.

Beachcomber CARE FREE™ is most effective when used in conjunction with Beachcomber CARE FREE BOOST™, a chlorine-based sanitizer. They both work to sanitize and condition your hot tub water. 

Fresh Water Fill:

  • To prevent scaling and staining caused by minerals use Beachcomber Eliminate.
  • Using Aquachek 6-in-1 Water Test Strips test your water levels for: pH (7.2-7.8), Calcium Hardness (150-200ppm), Chlorine (3-5ppm) Total Alkalinity (100-120ppm)
  • Start up hot tub with approved bromine or chlorine based sanitizer like CARE FREE BOOST™. Refer to directions on bottle to ensure water sanitizer is added correctly into hot tub while system is on circulation.
  • Pour 74g of CARE FREE™ per 1000L of water in the center of circulating water.
  • Water 48 hours
  • Take filter cartridge and rinse with water
  • Test for Total Chlorine levels with a test kit, you want a range of 3-5ppm


  • For typical hot tub usage: pour 74g of Beachcomber Care Free for every 1000 L of hot tub water weekly, and use in combination with a hot tub water sanitizer like CARE FREE BOOST™
  • Wait 15 mins before entering the hot tub to allow the conditioner to circulate.
  • Test weekly using a test strip to check to Total Chlorine levels of 3-5ppm


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