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Hayward 325 Sq.Ft Swim Clear Cartridge Filter


The Hayward SwimClear™ Large capacity cartridge filter series provides a larger filtration are which translates into a better, bigger clean. Using a bundle of 4 reusable cartridge parts, this Hayward SwimClear™ filter comes in the size of 325 sq. ft. of solid, dirt storing capacity and offers an extended cleaning cycle length. All filter tanks are built with upgraded reinforced thermoplastic material. Enjoy years of no-issue operation and sparkling clear water all summer long.


NOTE: 1 set of cartridge filters in included


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  • 2" full-flow internal plumbing and piping for maximum resistance and decreased flow resistance
  • Corrosion-proof closure lid stops parts from lifting to ensure no unfiltered water is able to pass through and go into your hot tub or pool while in operation.
  • Fast drainage thanks for full size 1.5" integran drain.
  • Easy flushing tank and 100% clean out
  • Reinforced thermoplastic filter tanks made from extremely durable reinforced copolymer glass to match the needs of the heaviest applications and external conditions, including, but not limited to in-floor pool cleaning systems.
  • Cluster of 4 high-quality and reusable polyester cartridge elements provides 325 sq. ft. of filter area for additional dirt storing capacity and extended filter cycles

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