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Beachcomber Bromo Blast (900g)


The Beachcomber BROMO BLAST™ is a one step bromine based sanitizer, disinfectant and hot tub water shock treatment product. It is a highly effect bromine based shock treatment that works by creating hypobromous acid that kills and prevents the future growth of pathogens, viruses and bacteria in hot tub water. In 1 step is quickly and completely dissolves for effective bromine disinfection without insoluble residue or cloudiness in your hot tub water.

Available size : 900 g & 2 kgs


  • Test for recommended bromine levels with Aquacheck 6-in-1 Water Test Strips
  • Turn on the filtration system and keep on
  • Per 1000L of bather-free hot tub water directly add 6g of Bromo Blast
  • Test bromine levels and repeat step 3 at 15-20 minute intervals until hot tub water has a bromine level between 3-5 ppm.

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