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Beachcomber Bromo Blast (2kg)


Beachcomber BROMO BLAST™ is a 1 step soluble non-stabilized bromine-based sanitizer and oxidizer water treatment product that is effective at killing and controlling the future growth of algae and bacteria in hot tub water. The Bromo Blast is most effective when paired with the BROMO DISCS™, and used as a stand-alone treatment of oxidizing agent.

Available sizes: 2kg & 900g


  • Taking the Aquacheck 6-in-1 Water Test Strips test the bromine level of your hot tub water
  • Keep filtration system in operation for proper disinfection
  • In bather-free hot tub water pour directly in 6g of Bromo Blast to every 1000L of hot tub water
  • Test for bromine level and repeat step 3 dosage every 15-20 minutes until bromine level read between 3-5ppm

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