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Beachcomber HEATSHIELD™ Hot Tub Cover - 89" x 89"


The Beachcomber HEATSHIELD™ Hot Tub Cover is manufactured and designed with the same high-quality precision as our hot tubs. You can rest assured knowing your Beachcomber hot tub cover is doing its job and keeping the heat IN.

    The hot tub cover fits the following Beachcomber Hot Tub Models:

    • 810
    • 760
    • 750
    • 740i
    • 740
    • 738
    • 730i
    • 730
    • 580
    • 579
    • 380
    • 378

    The Beachcomber Genuine Product Difference

    26 OZ Marine Grade, Highly Durable Vinyl Skin
    durable vinyl material hot tub cover   Specifically manufactured to be resistant to Uv-rays, mildew and moisture the peak performance and longevity in any climate. Bonded with poly thread stitching and incorporating corrosion-proof marine grade zippers means the seams are built to sustain long-term usage. The hinge fold has extra cover support thanks to reinforced triple stitched laminate.
    Tapered Slope Design
    beachcomber hot tub cover with tapered slope design   A 4 Inch to 3 Inch beveled and tapered design allows effective moisture and water drainage. The type of construction restricts pooling of water and/pr potential water absorption without sacrificing on maneuverability or it's lightweight.
    Marine Strength Reinforced Handles 
    extra strong hot tub cover snaps  8 Inch marine strength handles are specially hand sewn into the main seams using a quintuple stitch to ensure maximum durability and strength. Easily lock down your hot tub cover with the lock at the end of the strap.
    Continuous Heat Bumper Seal
    hot tub cover heat bumper seal  The continuous heat bumper seal locks in steam and prevents heat loss by pinching a web-reinforced nylon compression barrier between both sides of the cover. Steam Sealers™ compression caps located at both ends caps the heat bumper seal further minimizing heat loss and improving the energy efficiency of your hot tub.
    20 Gauge Reinforced Aluminum Centre Support Rib
    20 gauge aluminim reinforced centre support rib for hot tub cover  To solidify the structural integrity of your hot tub under all condition, an extra strength, lightweight, corrosion proof C-channels are used.
    Highly Dense Heat-Sealing Foam Core Insulation
    heat sealed dense foam core hot tub insulation cover  Constructed to provide superior insulation value (up to 14.14 R-value per Inch) with fully encapsulated, moisture resistant, compressive strength foam. . To maximize HEATSHIELD™ performance and heat retention the cover uses 6mm poly-envelope moisture barrier that is vacuumed and heat sealed in.
    Vacuum-Fit Radius Corners
    hot tub cover vacuum fit radius corners  To ensure a snug fit and secure seal, inner oam is trimmed on 2 corners for a 6 inch radius.
    15 OZ Laminated Krevlon™ Interior Liner
    krevlon interior hot tub cover liner  Laminated double ply Krevlon™ interior barrier is on the inner side of the HEATSHIELD™ and is mildew and moisture resistant. Used as a vapour barrier for the foam inserts that are poly sealed. Integrated With drain gomments so moisture does not get trapped and can drain away while still ensuring durability and maximum strength.
    Vacuum Seal Hot Tub Top Lip Design
    hot tub cover vacuum seal top lip design  Between the lip of the hot tub and the hot tub cover, we have installed a seal batter to prevent moisture or air from getting in or out in order to conserve the heat in your hot tub. A durable, custom-fit perimeter hot tub skirt seals around the whole hot tub. This guarantees an airtight seal at every edge, maximizing energy efficiency while acting as a protector against external contaminants.
    ASTM Worldwide Approved / UL Certified
    ul certified astm approved hot tub cover  

    Every Beachcomber HEATSHIELD™ Hot Tub Cover have been tested for static loads and meet or exceed all UL requirement and continue to be tested quarterly to ensure continual compliance with this standard.



    • 2 Year Guarantee From Beachcomber
    • Heavy-duty perimeter skirt
    • Secure and Safe Lockdown Straps
    • Meets ASTM F1346's tests and standards
    • Marine Zippers and Poly Thread
    • Aluminum Centre Seam C-Channel Support

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