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Beachcomber 78" Round Hot Tub Cover


Fits the following Beachcomber hot tub models

  • 321
  • 320
  • 320N
  • 320M
  • 320X
  • 320XM

Every Heatshield cover is designed and manufactured to the same high quality standards as our hot tubs so that you don't have to worry about losing any heat when you are not using your Beachcomber.

Hot Tub Cover Features:

  • Highly durable Marine Grade Vinyl Skin
  • 20 Gauge Aluminum Centre Seam C-Channel Support
  • High Density Insulating Foam Insert Core
  • Bonded Poly Thread and Marine Zippers
  • Safety and Security Lockdown Straps
  • Continuous Heat Bumper Seal
  • Heavy Duty Perimeter Skirt
  • ASTM F1346's Performance Standards
  • Beachcomber's 2-year Guarantee 

Beachcomber Heatshield hot tub cover is a critical element that insulates your hot tub. It’s a concept similar to a Thermos bottle, creating a positive vacuum seal that traps in moisture and heat, saving you money on energy costs. Studies prove that the greatest potential heat loss is from the water’s surface; a properly designed hot tub cover will pay its way in saved energy.

Beachcomber’s heavy foam inserts keep the heat in, and the cold out, saving you energy and money. These foam inserts act like barriers, to prevent the penetration of moisture laden air. This insulating cover creates a tight vacuum seal to trap the heat inside the hot tub vessel.

Our centre Heat Bumper Seal provides an efficient barrier to seal in heat at the seam, and keeps water vapour trapped at the top of the water level. Pushing the vapour and heat back down onto the water level, along with the vacuum seal at the lip, maintains a tight fit to save energy. These are just a few of the special features of a Beachcomber brand, hot tub cover heatshield.


The Beachcomber Genuine Product Difference

Highly Durable 26oz Marine-Grade Vinyl Skin      
Hot tub cover skinSpecially treated to be moisture, mildew and UV-ray resistant to ensure protection and longevity in any climate or environment. In addition, bonded poly-thread stitching and marine-grade zippers ensure all seams withstand long-term use.
20 Gauge Aluminum Reinforced Centre Seam 
Hot tub cover seamLight-weight and corrosion proof, to ensure the structural integrity for the life of the hot tub cover under all conditions, even under the weight of snow.
High Density Heat-Sealed Foam Core Insulation 
Hot tub cover insulationConstructed with high density foam, vacuum and heat sealed in a 6mm polybag moisture barrier, to maximize heat retention and hot tub cover longevity.
Safety and Security Lockdown Straps 
Four lockable straps prevent entry by children, pets or other unwanted intruders, as well as offering protection in high wind areas.
Continuous Centre Seam Heat Bumper Seal 
Steam sealed and nylon web-reinforced along the entire length of the hot tub cover hinge, to prevent heat loss, lock in steam and maximize the energy efficiency of your hot tub.
UL *use the symbol* Mark For Safety
UL tested and compliant with ASTM F1346's Standard Performance for Safety Covers on Spas and Hot Tubs, to ensure maximum safety and strength verified by static load and deflection testing. Beachcomber is the only Canadian hot tub and hot tub cover manufacturer to comply to these stringent standards.
Industrial Strength Reinforced Handles 
Colour-matched marine grade vinyl with quintriple stitched reinforcement, to provide maximum strength and durability.
Vacuum Seal Top Lip Design 
A sealed barrier between the lip of the hot tub and the hot tub cover prevents entry or exit of air or moisture, conserving valuable heat. The custom-fitted perimeter skirt that wraps around the entire hot tub ensures the airtight seal at the lip.

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