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Hayward Auto Chlorine Feeder - INLINE


The Hayward automatic brominator and chlorinators are perfect for inground pools, new and old. Hayward Auto Chlorine Feeder Inline configuration can accommodate most plumbing, capacity and space considerations. The Hayward Auto Chlorine Feeder Inline comes with a very durable and strong ABS body and features a Viton® seal with an ergonomically designed lid for easy cover removal.


  • Compatible with small or large, slow-dissolving bromine or trichlor tablets
  • Compatible with above-ground and in-ground pools and hot tubs of varying sizes.
  • Dial control valve to easily adjust the feed rate
  • Various connecting options offers a wide range of use and easy installation
  • Easylok threaded cover for convenient and safe access to add tablets
  • Unique finger-release catch provides extra security

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