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Hayward AquaRite 900 with 40k gallon Extended Life TurboCell - ORDER ONLY


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The Hayward AquaRite® 900 with 25k gallon Extended Life TurboCell AQR940-CUL AquaRite® Salt Chlorinator is the #1 saltwater swimming pool system that is compatible with OmniHub Smart Pool Control. Now you get crystal clear water that is soft to the touch and always ready for swimming. Say goodbye to irritated skin and red eyes with an Hayward AquaRite® 900 with 25k gallon Extended Life TurboCell salt chlorinator.

The AquaRite® 900 with 40k Gallon extended life turbocell from the expert line is the best solution for adding a salt chlorinator to your pool. It is the most convenient alternative to traditional chlorine. With AquaRite® Salt Chlorinators you best silky, soft, perfectly sanitized pool water.


    Connect to the Hayward OmniHub Smart Pool and Spa Control, and have the ability to change water tem, adjust pump speed, set lighting and change to spa setting all from your phone, tablet or Alexa device.


    • Extended turbocell makes 25% more chlorine production throughout its lifetime, leading to annual savings on chlorine by 50%.
    • 4 year warranty
    • Adjust chlorine output from 0-100%
    • Smart Pool Control Compatible
    • Weatherproof encasement and connections
    • ETL safety certified & NSF certified
    • Single unit for 120VAC/240VAC 50/60Hz input
    • Super Chlorinate Function
    • Convenient digital display

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