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Amaze Cleaner (1L)


Amaze Cleaner is a powerful multi-purpose solution that keeps tackles dirt, grime, and scale that can build up in your pool. And it’s not just for your pool or hot tub. This biodegradable cleaner can be used for your patio and garden build-up, vinyl-coated metal, and chrome. Be Amazed by this environmentally friendly cleaning solution for your whole backyard! 

Amaze cleaner eliminates unwanted marks or build up in your pool and backyard instantly. Just spray the product to any soft cloth or sponge and wipe away any dirt or grime. The fast-acting cleaner helps your pool liner last longer and look newer.  

The Amaze Cleaner is a biodegradable solution that can be used on a variety of surfaces:  

  • Pools  
  • Vinyl Coated Metal  
  • Chrome

1. Spray Amaze Cleaner directly onto a sponge, soft brush or old cloth.

2. Rub cloth or sponge gently against the stain until it disappears. For tough stains, add a small amount of Amaze Cleaner

3. Wash the surface with clean water. Wipe up if needed.


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