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Algi-Pro 40 (1L)


Keep your filters clear, enable water circulation, and streamline your pool cleaning regimen with Algi-Pro 40 algaecide. Free your swimming pool water of contaminating algae fast and effectively, and balance your pool water for crystal clear swimming.

The powerful algaecide from the IPG works alongside swimming pool chlorine to kill algae cells that contaminate swimming pools. When algae build-ups, it blocks pool filters and reduces the effectiveness of circulation systems and pumps while also minimizing the results of your regular swimming pool chemicals. Algi-Pro 40 makes balancing your pool water easy by cutting through algae growth and removing it, so your swimming pool can be ready for use fast. 

No Signs of Algae: The first dose added to your pool water before the first visible signs of algae. Add 100 ml of Algi-Pro 40 for every 10,000L or 3 fl oz for every 2641.72 gallons of water. 

Weekly Pool Maintenance: Add 35 ml for every 10,000 L or 1 fl oz for every 2641.72 gallons

Signs of Algae: Combine with the super chlorination process. Start with a super chlorination process, following product instructions carefully. Then wait 24 hours and add Algi-Pro 40 as part of your weekly swimming pool maintenance. 

No Super Chlorination Available: Add 150ml of the Algi-Pro 40 solution per 10,000 L of water or 5 fl oz for every 2641.72 gallons of pool water. 

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