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Algi-Pro 40 (1L)


Liquid Algaecide used in swimming pools to control the growth of algae in your swimming pool. This is best used regularly to maintain sparkling clear pool water. The IPG Algi Pro 40 is one of the best on the market!


  1. Initial Dosage should be done when there is no visible algae in the swimming pool. Pour of 100ml of Algi-Pro 40 per 10000L of pool water

  2.  For weekly pool maintenance, pour 35 ml of Algi-Pro 40 per 10000L of swimming pool water. 

  3. If your pool has visible signs of algae, pick up a super chlorination product and follow the instructions. After super chlorination is done, wait a minimum of 24 hours before performing weekly maintenance of Algi-Pro 40. 

  4. If no super chlorination is available when your pool has visible signs of algae, add 150ml of Algi-Pro per 10,000L of swimming pool water.

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