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Algi-Pro 60 (1L)


The Algi-Pro 60 is guaranteed to contain 60% Poly-ethylene. The product is best used to control the growth of algae in your pool water.


  1. If no visible algae is present on the initial dose, for every 10000L of pool water, pour 70ml of Algi-pro 60.

  2. Maintain weekly with a dosage of 25 ml of Algi-Pro 60 for every 10000L of swimming pool water. 

  3. If visible algae is in the pool, purchase a super chlorinate product and follow directions. Wait at least 24 hours before returning to the weekly Algi-Pro 60 maintenance dosage. 

  4. If the pool has visible algae, but a super chlorinate product is not available, pour 100ml of the Algi-Pro 60 per 10 000L of water.

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