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Alg Out Ultra 3in1 Tabs


Filter cleaner, algaecide and liquid cover all in 1 tablet. Alg GO pool kit is a simple 3-1 solid algaecide cube.

Use Alg Go Tablet once a week to kill algae in your pool, help maintain your pool's water temperature and improve the efficiency of your filter.

  • Helps to keep water temperature stable at night
  • Minimizes waste build up in the filter, resulting in easier removal of waste during backwash operation
  • 48 hour quick-dissolving solution
  • Destroys and prevents the growth of alae


METHOD OF APPLICATION: Use in a floating dispenser or place in the skimmer. Do not place directly in the pool.


  • For no visible algae, the initial dose of 28g of Alg Pro for 10,000L of water
  • Follow weekly maintenance dosage plan of 14g for 10,000L of water
  • For visible algae, superchlorinate the swimming pool and wait 24 hours before adding maintenance dosage.
  • For visible algae, without superchlorination done, Add 70g of Alg Pro per 10,000L of water.


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