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Accujet Snap Directional Hot Tub Jet


Small but mighty, the directional snap-in hot tub jet in grey elevates your hot tub massage power. The directional jet makes adjusting the direction of the returning water stream easy, so you can target any part of your body for a focused and stress-relieving massage. The hassle-free installation allows you to get into your Beachcomber hot tub to start soaking sooner.

The Accujet snap-in jet is small and comes in the colour grey. The non-polisock fitting type facilitates setup, by allowing you to snap it into position and adjust its direction. The small hot tub Accujet is compatible with Beachcomber hot tubs made between November 2003 to December 2010.

  • Size: 2.25 inches across the diameter of the jet face.
  • Fitting System: Snap In or Non-Polisock Colour: Grey

The non-polisock system makes the installation of the small hot tub Accujet as simple as snapping it into position. Once in place, you can adjust the direction of the powerful articulating jet to control where your water goes and your massage experience.

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