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7 Piece Maintenance Kit for Hot Tub


The complete essential hot tub maintenance kit. All the spa maintenance accessories you need for your swim spa or hot tub in one convenient kit.


Spa Kit Includes:

  • Spa Scoop
  • Spa Brush
  • Floating Spa Thermometer
  • Spa Cleaning Mitt
  • 3-Sectioned Aluminum Pole
  • Floating Spa Dispenser for Chemicals
  • Extra Absorbent Starfish Shaped Sponged x2

Spa Maintenance 7 Piece Kit Includes:

  • 1 hot tub brush
  • 1 hot tub scoop
  • 1 3-part aluminum pole
  • 1 hot tub cleaning mitten
  • 2 ultra-absorbent sponges shaped like starfish
  • 1 floating hot tub thermometer
  • 1 floating hot tub chemical dispenser

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