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Hayward 24" Sand Filter


ProSeries™ high-rate sand filters are high performance, totally corrosion-proof, unitised tank constructed filters that blend superior flow characteristics and features with ease of operation. For multiple applications, the ProSeries™ represents the very latest in sand filter technology and will provide clear, sparkling water for years to come.

Integral top diffuser ensures even distribution of water over the sand media bed. Full-size internal piping provides smooth, free-flowing performance

Flanged clamp design allows for 360° valve rotation to simplify plumbing

Efficient multilateral underdrain assembly with precision-engineered, selfcleaning 360° slotted laterals provides totally balanced flow and backwashing

Integral molded drain plug drains the tank without losing sand

Unitized, corrosion-proof tank is molded of color-fast polymeric material for maximum all-weather durability

Corrosion-proof base provides strong, stable support

Patented service-ease design with unique folding ball joint provides easy access to lateral assembly

Sand Required: 300 lb (6 Bags)

Refer to owners manual for installation.

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