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Hayward 22" Sand Filter


Hayward 22" ProSeries™ Sand Filters are loved for their efficient flow, advanced under-drain self-cleaning system, and totally balanced backwashing that provides the best performance in filtration.


  • Balanced flow and backwashing that features easy serviceability from specifically engineered umbrella-fold self-cleaning laterals
  • Integral top diffuser which even distributes water over the entirety of the sand bed to give you maximizes filtration usage.
  • Easy installation from 360º rotating flange clamp design.
  • Quick winterizing or servicing possible thanks to large pressure water/sand plug drain.
  • All-weather durability thanks to corrosive proof filter tank, that is molded with long-lasting material.
  • 7 variation Vari-Flow valve for maximum flow even at lower pressures.

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