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Hayward 18" Sand Filter


The Hayward 18" ProSeries™ Sand Filter features a fundamental top diffuser. This equally disseminates unfiltered water through the sand media bed in a waterfall, umbrella-like way. This encouraged the maximum filtration possible by utilising every inch of sand. The self-maintaining under drain assembly, which features 360º rotating slotted laterals, creates fact, equal flow of crystal clear water back to the pool, simultaneously making backwashing more efficient.

The ProSeries™ features full-flow technology which means your filter operates for a shorter period of time and minimizes your energy costs.

All Hayward ProSeries™ Sand Filters are high performing pool filters that combine energy efficient operation, durable construction and superior flow rates to provide trouble-free filtration with minimal maintenance.


  • Minizes energy costs by achieving maximum filtration
  • 1 year parts warranty
  • 3 foot hose included
  • 1.5 inch outlet and inlet port
  • Sand Not Included
  • Compatible with 125 lb / 25 KG sand
  • 45 GPM Design Flow Rate

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