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1/15 HP Hush Pump - 230V


Optimize pool circulation - Keep your water crystal clear and free of contaminants with the 1/5 Beachcomber Hush Pump. Efficiently running 24 hours per day, you can cycle pool water through your filters up to 4 times every day for consistently clean and hygienic pool water, so your backyard pool is always swim ready!

Designed with energy-saver technology, the 1/5 Beachcomber 230V Hush Pump is an energy-efficient swimming pool water pump that facilitates water circulation and enhances water filtration. The quiet pool pump works around the clock to keep contaminants out of the pool water for crystal clear swimming pools and reduce maintenance. Powered by approximately 0.63 amps of electricity, the 1/5 Beachcomber 230V Hush Pump is one of Beachcomber’s must-have swimming pool supplies, enabling water flow up to two times the industry standard to 98L or 26 gallons per minute. 

Installing or replacing a new swimming pool pump involves electrical components. For safe and proper installation and operation, contact the Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs team when ordering this pool supply. Always disconnect your pool pump from its power source before starting any type of work.

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