Setting Up a New Hot Tub

Congratulations on getting a new hot tub! Having a hot tub in your family is a great improvement in lifestyle. Not only can you relax after a hard day of work, you can also gain lasting health benefits from soaking yourself in warm water. Now before you celebrate, here are a series of steps you need to take to help you set up your hot tub. There’s lots of meticulous planning, both inside your own household and outside to meet compliance with city codes. But don’t worry! With the improvement in technologies, setting up a new hot tub is now easier than ever.

Planning is key. Do plenty of research ahead of time to make sure you understand all your choices and requirements. First, choose a location for your new hot tub. If you want to place your hot tub outside, check to see if a building permit is required. Your city code most likely outlines the minimum distance required between your house and your hot tub, so make sure you comply with the requirements. If you want to place your hot tub indoors, just keep in mind to find a large enough space and place it away from power lines.

Hot tubs are considerably heavy, weighing as much as 3000 pounds, which means they need a firm, solid base such as gravel, concrete, or paving stone. You may also want a deck, so contact your building contractor to determine if it’s suitable. Now that the location of your new hot tub is taken care of, it’s time to add electricity. Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, hire a professional. Usually hot tubs are recommended to be 240V or 120V. Once it’s ready, turn off electric power and get ready to fill up your hot tub.

Make sure to open the gate valves, and close the drain valves before you fill your hot tub up with water. Also don’t forget to set up a filter system so that your home spa is properly filtered right from the beginning. Next, clean the interior of your hot tub with a mild, non-foaming, cleaner that isn’t abrasive. Then, go get your garden hose, and fill it up with cold water to the specified level. Turn on power once it’s reached and set your hot tub to your desired temperature. The last, most important step is one which most forget. Balance your water and set up a sanitation system! It’s crucial for the longevity of your hot tub, and will prevent against future problems such as cloudiness, discoloured, or malodorous water.

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