Seaway Pools: The Battle Between Salt-Water Pools VS Chlorine Pools

Salt-water pool or chlorine pool…that is the question. Many people debate the two when investing in a backyard swimming pool. Here are some facts and information regarding them both. The final decision is up to you.

Saltwater pool vs chlorine pool in Markham

Salt Water VS Chlorine: The Pros and Cons

Chlorine pools require steady inspection, while salt-water pools remain clean with less work as a result of the consistent stream of chlorine from the generator. Every three to four weeks you have to shock your chlorine pool to eliminate any additional germs.  It is important that you investigate precisely how much chlorine is in the pool to know how much shock to include. It’s a balance fixture at the end of the day.

Chlorine pools are significantly less expensive at the onset than saltwater pools. However, they are to some degree harder to deal with over the long haul. The pH adjust in a chlorine pool is not steady and will require attention to keep it high.

Salt-water pools can be more costly at the onset since you have to buy a salt-water generator. It will create a steady stream of chlorine, ceasing algae or green growth development and lengthening the life of the pool.  Additionally, there are also the electrical expenses of keeping your generator working continually.

Here at Seaway Pools:

At Seaway pools we only utilize top quality materials and best development standards. For both salt-water pool or chlorine pool necessities. We promise to offer products that last and to keep in communication with you throughout your pool building process.

We will offer you uncompromised post-retail benefit including free lifetime water examination at one of our two retail location areas. You can depend on us to have the items you require for your swimming pool in stock at our retail outlets. Our staff is knowledgeable in all aspects of the pool industry, so stop by our retail office to get all your questions answered.

Wrapping up the Salt Water VS Chlorine Debate:

There is no obvious champion when you look into each kind of pool (salt-water pool or chlorine pool) everything relies upon the how much maintenance you are willing to put in and general utilization of the pool. While saltwater pools don’t utilize any noteworthy chemicals, chlorine is a result of the salt you add to the water.

Be that as it may, the levels are much lower and won’t hurt or sting your eyes. Salt water pools are significantly more secure for pets, creatures and your family in light of the fact that there are far less harmful chemicals being added to the water. Using salt- water for your pool is a more typical approach and is more gentle on the skin and hair than chlorine. Additionally, a saltwater pool won’t blur or harm your bathing suit as much as a chlorinated pool. But at the end of the day (salt-water pool or chlorine pool) it is your choice and preference. Contact Seaway Pools about our pool installation options in Toronto with your choice of chlorine or salt-water. Visit our website at or call us at 905-294-8030.

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