Saving Time and Money by Hiring a Professional Pool Builder

For those thinking about building a backyard swimming pool, or already shopping around, it pays to hire a professional pool builder. The benefits are measurable, and the savings will add up. This is because a well-established pool builder has the experience and expertise to manage a project with total efficiency. And that saves valuable time and money. Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs has been in the swimming pool business for more than three decades, having satisfied thousands of customers with fabulous pool designs and superior building quality. It’s our formula for success as a pool builder.

After three decades, the business philosophy at Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs remains straightforward: we sell and install only the best quality products; we design and build at the highest standard; and we provide the best possible customer service. We also understand that buying a swimming pool is a huge investment and a major commitment. And beyond that, we know that it can get challenging and stressful. As a professional pool builder, we focus on a streamlined approach that’s intended to reduce the stresses, and save time and money throughout the lifespan of the project.

With Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, it’s all done under one roof – design, build and install. And with this kind of efficiency, there are no additional contractors and no incremental costs. We are the pool builder – we build new pools – we renovate older pools – and we retrofit with new lighting and special water features. Our design teams are imaginative, and the finished product will fully reflect the dreams you had to begin with. As your professional pool builder, we’ll take you from the very first stages of concept design, to the construction phase, and right to the finishing touches.

Seaway Pools is a pool builder with a quality approach. We are long-time members of the Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada, and we have a solid commitment to their high standards and code of ethics. Whatever we do, the focus is always on quality – the best products in the industry and the highest standard of workmanship. As your professional pool builder, our commitment is to your satisfaction. And with the best brand names in the business (Kafko™, IPG Group, AquaPro™) we stand firmly behind each one, ensuring long term satisfaction on both product and installation.

Saving time and money on a swimming pool project is about doing the job right. And for the project team at Seaway Pools it’s about best construction practices – we don’t take construction shortcuts – we obey the by-laws; and everything we build and install is to code. As for quality control, every project is overseen by our company owner, who endorses the job on its completion. Here again, the priority is to ensure complete satisfaction for our customer, because when you hire us as to be your pool builder, our responsibility is to be committed from start to finish, without question.

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