Regular Soaking in a Hot Tub Provides Many Benefits

While medical and health claims may be considered irresponsible, many health professionals will recommend hot tub soaking for a number of ailments. Some of the outcomes might be anecdotal, but there are also studies, data and statistics that point to real and measurable health benefits. The truth is, soaking in your hot tub is much more than just about relaxing. And its been shown that hot tub hydrotherapy is actually therapeutic.

Hydrotherapy, especially during physiotherapy treatment, is routinely employed for pain relief. The water jets and the underwater massage action serve to stimulate blood circulation while relieving muscle tension. And when it comes to diminishing body pain, it all works together – the hot water temperature; the water buoyancy; and the water pressure. Beyond pain relief, there is also therapeutic relief for muscles and joints.

Clearly, it’s important to discuss hot tub hydrotherapy with a physician. But a number of studies have already shown that hydrotherapy massage can reduce the body’s response to inflammation. In fact, hot baths and hydrotherapy have been widely used for generations by Greek, Japanese, and Russian cultures. For those who suffer from persistent back pain, hot tubs can offer ongoing relief from stiffness, pain and discomfort.

Hot tubs can also help to improve sleep – mainly because a relaxing pattern before sleep time will make for a better night’s sleep. There’s really no optimum “soak period” before bedtime, but it has been suggested that a 20-minute hot tub soak two hours before bed is ideal. Importantly, though, water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Here, it’s important to avoid dehydration, so drinking water is suggested.

Interestingly, hydrotherapy can also have a positive effect on weight loss. It’s far from a “magic” solution, but in combination with diet and fitness, hot tub soaking can have a positive impact. The principle has to do with calorie burning and better digestion, both of which contribute to weight loss. In terms of digestion, hot tubbing promotes better blood circulation, which allows for better digestion and an environment for weight loss.

In recent years, hot tub fragrances have also contributed with various health benefits, primarily through aromatherapy. This is an approach to healing that makes use of natural plant essences that have specific healing qualities. Indeed, massage therapists have used aromatherapy products with great results. And in the hot tub, these fragrances can contribute to respiratory relief, stress relief, and pain relief – all with great success.

At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, staff can demonstrate the positive effects of hydrotherapy. They’ll show you exactly how the water jets, water pressure, and heat controls can become therapeutic. Even seating design can have an impact on therapeutic benefits, especially for those who might require extra support for treating body pain. And with today’s high-tech gadgets, “whirlpool” jets can be positioned for the maximum effect.

For top quality and performance, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs can supply the Beachcomber™ line of hot tubs – world recognized for quality excellence. Best of all, customers can try one of the showroom models and experience the true therapeutic benefits.

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