Reducing Swimming Pool Maintenance Costs

Swimming pool maintenance costs can quickly add up for any homeowner – and it doesn’t matter if it’s a luxurious pool or a modest pool. Reducing those maintenance costs is just a matter of commitment, and over the long run, that commitment will turn into dollar savings. The truth is, with some planning and some discipline, controlling and reducing maintenance costs can be quite simple. And like any kind of maintenance, it’s about being preventative – doing the small things to prevent the big problems.  

Maintaining proper chemical balance

Maintaining the right chemical balance is the most basic thing a pool owner can do. It’s simply about testing the pool water and adjusting chemicals accordingly.

Cleaning the pool on a regular basis

Ideally, it’s recommended to “skim” the surface of the pool daily. Beyond removing dirt and debris, the skimming actually allows the chemical balance to maintain.

Adding pool chemicals at night time

Some experts maintain that adding chemicals at night can save up to 50% on costs. This is because sunlight compromises the potential of chlorine to perform.

Properly maintaining the equipment

Pool equipment lasts longer when properly maintained. From pump, to filter, to heater, to plumbing, it all makes for longer equipment lifespan and reduced costs.

Operating the pump / filter at night

Adding chemicals at night, and circulating the pool water simultaneously makes sense. In fact, in some regions, electricity costs are less expensive during the night.

Keeping leaves and branches away

Random leaves and branches compromise the chemical balance of the pool, and can obstruct the filter.  Here, prevention is the key – just cut away anything surplus.

Cleaning the water filter regularly

A clogged or obstructed water filter has to work harder to perform.  Good maintenance is simply about cleaning the filter while ensuring there are no obstructions.

Purchasing pool chemicals in bulk

A good swimming pool contractor can offer pool chemicals in bulk. This is definitely a money saver, as the chemicals won’t deteriorate and can be used next season.

Heating the pool only when using it

It’s not that difficult to plan swimming. Where possible, the thermostat can be lowered when the pool is not in use – it can make a big difference on the energy costs.

Installing LED lighting throughout

This is truly a worthwhile retrofit for any swimming pool owner. LED lighting is more energy efficient, and will last longer than any of the traditional lighting options.

Installing a variable-speed pump

Although there’s an upfront cost, a variable-speed pump operates far more efficiently, and will result in substantially reduced energy bills throughout the swim season.

Switching to a solar heat system

Whether natural gas or electric, these utilities typically cost more than solar. With solar, the long-term savings will make the initial, upfront investment worthwhile.

Creating an effective wind-break

Natural evaporation is the biggest contributor to water loss, heat loss, and chemical loss. So it makes economic sense to reduce wind with a hedge, screen, or fence.

Installing a top quality pool cover

Pool covers are by far the most efficient way to reduce overall maintenance costs – a top quality cover will reduce heating costs, cleaning costs, and chemical costs.

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