Questions Worth Asking Before Building a Swimming Pool

Building a swimming pool is a big project, with many moving pieces, and much to consider. And of course, a first time buyer will have completely different criteria than someone who has built and owned before. There are many questions worth asking, and important answers to find. But most critical is to find and hire a good pool builder – a company that is reliable and reputable, and above all, with an excellent reputation in the industry.

Not everyone likes checklists, but most everyone will do well by being educated and informed, especially with a major project like a swimming pool. Being well informed makes for much better decision making. It makes for better assessments when planning the project, and better assessments during the lifespan of the project. The good thing about checklists is that they can be modified and customized to suit – but it is better to have one.

Creating a list of wishes and wants.

While its true that everyone has a swimming pool dream, there are also practicalities involved. Beyond the personal wishes and wants, it’s a good idea to research some of the current trends and technologies on the market – this will make for meaningful dialogue with the pool builder.

Put together a visual show-and-tell.

Many pool builders (and their design teams) actually welcome customer input in the form of personal photos and magazine clippings. This type of show-and-tell presentation is a great start for developing and fine-tuning concepts and design ideas that will turn into realistic plans.

Do some extra homework and learn.

Regardless of size, a swimming pool is a huge investment. And the more you know, the better you are. Learn about the ins and outs of concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl. Learn about plumbing and filtering systems. And learn about the finishing touches like landscaping and decking.

Find and hire a credible pool builder.

Finding a qualified, professional swimming pool company is bound to ensure satisfaction with the final product, along with a stress-free construction experience. A good pool builder should belong to an established association, and should be willing to provide customer references.

Decide on the size/shape of the pool.

Pool designs are about both function and for. Simply put, what you will do in the pool is just as important as how the pool will look. A pool for the kids and their friends will be different than a pool for exercise and doing laps. Make sure to decide on a size and shape that suits the need.

Think about the climate you live in.

In most cases, climate and weather will play a role when it comes to pool usage. Depending on the region, a pool cover or enclosure may be an appropriate feature. At the same time, a pool heater is almost always a good feature, providing comfort and a longer swimming season.

Create a viable construction budget.

Having a realistic sense of budget and expenses is fundamental. Here again, a good swimming pool company will make a vital contribution to the conversation. They will offer construction estimates that are genuine and viable, and without making unrealistic promises and pledges.

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