Preparing the Hot Tub for Spring

For those who haven’t been using their hot tub throughout the winter, spring is probably the best time of year to get the hot tub going. And while the spring-cleaning routine can be demanding, it will set the stage for a whole season of trouble-free hot tubbing. The thing is, it’s worth doing well right from the start. For the most part, preparing the hot tub after winter is pretty much a DIY job but it never hurts to get advice and suggestions from a reliable service provider.

Flushing + Draining + Refilling

The first step when preparing the hot tub is to do a “system-flush”. This will clean out anything that has built up inside the plumbing. And regardless of what happens during the winter season, the hot tub has to be clean before refilling. Flushing the hot tub before filling is absolutely vital for mechanical performance. There are even some retail products that make for a more efficient job, but bottom line, the process should entail flushing, draining, and refilling.

Properly Checking Equipment

A comprehensive equipment check is always recommended. For those who have winterized their hot tub, reconnecting plumbing, pump and heater are an obvious first step. This is a good time to check for any sign of leaking or rust. It’s also the time to make repairs (even minor) and perhaps replace equipment where needed. Here again a good service provider can be valuable, providing expert assessment of problem areas and suggesting repair/replacement.

The hot water heater, water filter, and associated components should also be inspected. Early detection of problems and timely attention will help to avoid bigger problems and more cost. It’s also worth checking the hot tub’s insulation for any deterioration. Where this is possible, it’s wise to check for mold, pest damage, and even rotting. Needless to say, a proactive approach at this stage can save big money compared to potential problems that get bigger.

Keep the Hot Tub area Clean

In terms of general housekeeping, its just makes sense to keep the area around the hot tub clean and clear. In fact, this is also a safety concern, considering the entire area around the hot tub is often wet and slippery. It’s also a good idea to trim shrubs or weeds, since most everyone will be treading in bare feet. Finally, this is a good time to clean the outside of the hot tub, especially if there’s a plan to stain it (the dry summer is the best time to do the staining).

Caring for the Hot Tub Cover

It pays to take proper care of the hot tub cover.  Proper maintenance will provide years of use.  The cover should be cleaned regularly, and applied with protectant every few months. Harsh cleaners (with bleach or ammonia) should be avoided, since they will compromise the integrity of the cover material. Here, it would of value to have a reliable hot tub retailer who can recommend products and might also provide a range of suitable maintenance services.

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