Prepare Your Hot Tub For Fall

Now that the seasons have officially changed from summer to fall, you might find you, your family, and even friends are using hot tubs more than ever. Nothing says “relax” like a Friday night sitting in the hot tub with no worries for the next few days. Forget work, forget any priorities you don’t have to deal with over the weekend, and enjoy your time relaxing in your hot tub. To make sure you are easily transitioning your hot tub from the summer to fall, there are some housekeeping suggestions we have to ensure your hot tub is running smoothly throughout all seasons of the year.

First, it is important to drain your tub. Removing the water and being able to get rid of any lingering bacteria or old water is our number one suggestion. This main tip will help ensure that your hot tub stays as good as new. It is important that you cycle out the water of your hot tub every few weeks as you want to keep the water as fresh as possible. Completely removing the water from the tub is also hygienic, even if you pump new water in vicariously throughout the summer.  Taking out old water and putting in new water will help ensure that not only your tub is kept clean and durable, but that whoever goes in the tub, enjoys their time too.

Additionally, changing and replacing filters is important to prepare your hot tub for the fall. Taking care of your hot tub’s filters are key, as the filters are what makes sure your tub stay clean all throughout its use. Filters help keep and capture bacteria, dirt, leaves and more which could clog and even deteriorate your hot tub.

We also suggest that you have a proper lid and cover for your hot tub. Having a proper lid will make sure that no heat or water escapes when the tub is not in use. A proper cover will also keep leaves and eventually, snow, out of your hot tub. Cleaning your hot tub cover and lid will also prevent bacteria build-up in between uses. You should use a cleaning solvent that helps get rid of bacteria and prevent any from forming while the top is closed.

Finally, it is important that you have proper insulation for your hot tub. The better insulated your tub is, the warmer the water will keep. This will also help keep electricity costs down, as you won’t have to continuously have your heater on to warm the water. Ensuring that the temperature does not continuously rise and fall will also help prevent bacteria build-up while using the tub.

We suggest that you take action with these tips to prepare your hot tub for the fall. Each season will provide different affects on your hot tub, and the better care you take of it, the longer it will last. Ensuring your hot tub is clean, covered and maintained will provide you with the best results. For more information on hot tubs, or to request a free quote, visit our website,, you can also call 905-294-8030 to speak to one of our associates.

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