Pool Surface Restoration

Pool surface restoration will entail a number of considerations, each relative to the individual pool owner. Pool surface restoration may include simple repairs and re-surfacing, seasonal upgrades or touchups, even a major renovation. And the associated costs will be dependent on the scope of work. But a reliable pool contactor will be able to provide precise estimates, along with viable options for a cost effective project. Needless to say, project costs will differ based on the type of pool – vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete.

Regardless of the type of pool, regular maintenance and proper seasonal care of the surface will ensure longevity. But one way or another, pool surface restoration will be needed at some point. All pool surfaces experience some damage – staining, scratching, and even denting. And while minor damages can certainly be handled personally, a more complicated pool surface restoration should be handled by a professional. Because of the risk of further damage, and the consequent expense, this is work best left to the experts.

Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement

Most quality pool liners come with a decades-long warranty. Quite often, homeowners will replace the liner before the warranty period, even without major damage or deterioration. It’s a type of pool surface restoration that can be expedited personally, but it would be a mistake to underestimate the amount of work involved. And although measuring and ordering can be the simple part of the project, special tools and supplies will be required, as well as some helping hands. This may be a good time for a professional installation.

Fiberglass Shell Replacement

Custom formed fiberglass pools are also sold with decades-long warranties on the fiberglass shell. In most cases, a high quality fiberglass pool will probably surpass the warranty period. However, with soil shifting or other ground stresses, fiberglass shells can bend and crack. For fiberglass pools, the professionals recommend pool surface restoration after about 25 years of service. When the shell is in relatively good shape, it can be properly repaired and restored. But when damage is significant, shell replacement may be required.

Concrete Pool Restoration

Concrete pools, built with steel reinforcement, will likely last for 50 years or more. These pools are surface coated with a product (or combination of products) that provides additional strength and durability. However, these surfaces also degrade over time, and pool surface restoration will entail a resurfacing process that is considered unfriendly territory for the DIY enthusiast. This type of pool surface restoration requires product knowledge and understanding, and in-depth project expertise for the best long-term outcomes.

The bottom line with any pool surface restoration is to recognize the limits of a DIY approach. And with so many pool surface restoration products on the market today, some require a high level of application proficiency. Making costly DIY mistakes (to save a few bucks) can turn into ruin. The additional cost of calling in a professional pool surface restoration company can inflate the cost dramatically. Finally, this is not a time to “patch and run” – do it right the first time.

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