How to Make Your Backyard Pool Look as Good as a Luxurious Hotel’s Pool

Looking at a luxurious hotel’s pool might make you wonder how you can improve the appearance of your own pool. After all, hotel pools always seem to be so luxurious, with their perfect decorations and unique designs. How do they make it happen? How expensive is the maintenance? Can I make my pool as good as theirs? These are the questions you might ask yourself. With our experience and expertise, we are here to help, and give you valuable tips that will make your backyard pool look as good as luxurious hotel pools.

1. Maintenance is a priority

The most important thing that you will need to assess is your pool’s maintenance routines and cleanliness. You will need to follow a few steps to completely clean your swimming pool. First, you will need to physically remove any debris from the surface of your pool and the skimmer basket. After, you will then need to vacuum and brush the sides and the floor of your pool to clean any stains.
Depending on the types of water that you use in the swimming pool, you will either need to adjust the chemical or pH for chlorinated water pool or drain and backwash the filter for salt water pool. A really dirty chlorinated water pool might need to be cleaned using pool shock to kill unwanted bacteria and readjust the pH level; the procedure might take up to 3 to 4 days. Clean pool will have clear water like the pools in luxurious hotels.

2. Personalize your pool by design

The next best thing to improve the appearance of your pool is to change the design of your pool to exceed the standard plain and blue neon design. The first thing that you could change is the tiles of your swimming pool floors and the design of your pool deck. You could adopt a design that matches with your backyard’s theme and decorations. The chosen design could be accentuated using certain colored tiles that are made of the right materials. Also, be sure to include the pool deck when designing your pool. A good pool deck floor will make your pool looks extremely classy.
Generally, bright colours are best for swimming pool as they reflect more light, and so, keeping the water cool and easier to maintain. For a country with extreme freezing temperatures like Canada, only porcelain and glass tiles are suitable for your swimming floor tiles. Be sure to check out the different designs that these tiles have.
Pro tips: Always make sure that your tiles have lifetime guarantee to avoid paying too much when they are damaged.

3. Accessorize your pool

Your swimming pool should be the centerpiece of your backyard. It should be decorated and personalized as much as possible. When you are designing your pool, consider the general theme and decorations that you will need to create an extravagant atmosphere in your backyard. For example, beautiful backyard furniture such as the cabana and lounge pieces could really make your backyard seems luxurious. You could also add some exotic plants to complete the picture.
We understand that making your pool looks as good as a hotel’s pool may appear challenging at first. That’s where we come in! We will help you to arrange and decorate your space to create a luxurious atmosphere. If you are in need of consultation or information, feel free to contact us at 905-294-8030 or at

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