The Importance of Pool Finishes

Pool finishes come in many shapes and sizes. Some prefer modern simplicity where others adore vintage extravagance. Pool finishes are like the clothes that complete the look of your dream pool. They can be remodeled later on, but that will be another major investment, so consider the appearance, durability, and budget of your pool finish and get it right the first time.

It’s important to keep in mind that your pool finish will always be submerged in water, so the chemicals in your pool water can potentially damage your pool finish over time, especially if your pool is poorly managed. There are a wide range of pool finishes to choose from such as plaster finishes, tiled finishes, and even aggregate finishes, which is a combination of stones or marbles or even quartz, which can be very beautiful. Most pools are covered in plaster. Plaster is essentially made from water, cement, and other materials like silica sand. For those on a tight budget, a classic white plaster finish is inexpensive and can last up to 7 years without chipping. However, adding different plaster colours may alter the mood of your pool; medium grey gives an enticing blue tint, while deeper shades of grey or black adds more depth and lets your pool water be more reflective.

Aggregate pool finishes are more recently invented, which are made from a combination of coloured plaster, quartz elements, granite elements, and even river stones or colourful glass beads for an extra pop. They last longer than plaster finishes at a number of 10-20 years. People with a more flexible budget usually choose an aggregate pool finish because it provides an abundance of customized colours and textures for a more luxurious, unique appearance. There are two types of aggregates—polished and exposed. Polished aggregates work better with classic pieces as they form a smooth surface with a nice shine from the coloured quartz. Glass bead finishes are similar to polished aggregates, which glisten under the sunlight. In contrast, exposed aggregates are more suitable for tropical or lagoon style pools as they are more natural and rustic.

Some pool owners also prefer using tiles as pool finishes. They are they most expensive but also the most durable type of pool finishes, and offer more design possibilities than you would imagine. However, if you are careful enough, these tiles will never have to be replaced, and you would have saved yourself lots of time and energy. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are easy for you to create patterns or mosaic paintings for your own special pool. To create a more natural environment, stone tiles can be placed to complete its surrounding space. A growing trend in tile finishes is the placement of glass tiles. They are both elegant and do not erode or stain.

In order to choose the right pool finish for you, you must first understand all your options. Choosing a pool finish is important because it will determine the entire theme of your pool and even your house. If you need more advice on the colours and patterns of your pool finish, feel free to book an appointment with Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs. We have many years of experience in all things pools and we will try our best to give you the best suggestions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 905-294-8030, or on our toll free number 1-888-494-8030, or by email at

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