Pool Builders in Burlington

Are you looking for pool builders in Burlington? Of course you are! You want to redo your backyard and adding a pool or hot tub is the perfect way to do so. When you trust Seaway with the construction of your pool or hot tub, you’re trusting the best. We are industry leaders who possess the experience and know-how to create the pool or hot tub of your dreams within your budget.

Our seamless process

As pool builders in Burlington who have years upon years of experience under our belts, our seamless landscaping process is what our clients love about us. Well, that and our commitment to customer service and quality. Our smooth pool creation and installation process begins with a bird’s eye view of your backyard. This is done to show you where your new pool or hot tub will go and how your backyard will change. Don’t worry, the changes are minimal and your backyard will look better than ever when we’re done with it.

The next step in our process is the creation of your pool. Our construction specialists and pool builders in Burlington will meet with you to determine your needs. It’s our job to take those needs, no matter what they are and turn them into a gorgeous backyard oasis. At this point in our seamless process, our landscape and design team will come up with an initial concept that will eventually become your pool. The last part of our seamless process involves the installation of your pool and the update to your backyard. The whole process is quick, easy and we clean up when we’re done. Unlike other pool companies, we actually want to leave you with an oasis, and clean up our mess.

More than just pool builders in Burlington

Besides our in-ground and above ground pools we are responsible for some of the most beautiful backyards in the Greater Toronto Area. We have provided our clients with waterfalls, pergolas, cabanas, enchanting stonework, soft lighting fixtures and planting plants that bring a touch of nature’s bountiful beauty to your modern home. We firmly believe that no job is too big for us to handle and that no backyard is too small to be converted into a blissful paradise.

Why choose Seaway

Since our founding in 1982 by Gary and Janette Walters, Seaway has been outfitting the backyards of Ontarians with swimming pools and hot tubs of all sizes and shapes. As an original employee of Jacuzzi Canada, Gary himself is an industry pioneer who was at the helm of developing the first hot tubs and swimming pool equipment in the province. Now, we have two retail locations to better serve our customers and have consistently upheld our commitment to customer service. We may be the pool builders in Burlington but you’re the one actually enjoying a soak in the hot tub or taking a dip. For this reason, we treat each job like it’s our own backyard that’s being turned into a breathtaking oasis.

As master pool builders in Burlington, we have made it a point to craft quality pools and hot tubs that are built to last. The reason Seaway is so successful is that we’re not only industry experts, we’re people who love pools. Swimming and taking a relaxing dip in the hot tub are proven to help with relaxation, circulation and overall health. Plus, swimming keeps you in shape and is softer on the joints than working out at a gym or running.

Expertise you can count on

We are the best pool builders in Burlington and can say that without hesitation. Our dedicated staff are knowledgeable about every product and accessory we carry. Plus, we employ a team of water care experts who are adept at checking a pool’s balance and water structure without fail. All you need to do is bring us a water sample and our experts will diagnose the problem in a heartbeat. Whether it’s a problem with the water’s chemistry or you need a new filter, water care specialists will take care of it.

In addition to our water care services and expertise, we have maintenance packages available. If you’re busy and don’t have time to take care of your pool or hot tub, why not let us do it for you? We know a thing or two about pool maintenance. In fact, we know everything about pool maintenance because we’re more than pool builders, we’re leaders in the pool industry. We can renovate, retrofit and upgrade your existing pool. Perhaps you need a new pool liner or to replace the concrete around your pool? We’ll take care of it and have your backyard looking better than ever. We’re one of the only pool builders in Burlington that provides customer service after the installation is complete. Just because we’ve built and installed your pool or hot tub, doesn’t mean our job is done when you take your first swim.

Award-winning pool builders in Burlington

As proud members of the Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada, we adhere to their code of ethics and ensure that all industry standards are met with each job. It’s important to us that we follow the rules and regulations of the industry and your neighborhood. If pools in your area can only have certain dimensions otherwise they’ll be in violation of city ordinances, we’ll make sure you get the pool that you want without breaking any rules. Additionally, we belong to the IPG Group, the leading organization in the hot tub industry. We’re also a part of the Kafko Pro Builder Network. This exclusive membership-based group is made up of likeminded swimming pool experts who work tirelessly to ensure that quality is never sacrificed. Finally, we’ve won several awards over the years for our commitment to customer service and impeccable pool construction.

Your backyard has so much to offer. Why not put a pool or hot tub in it? Contact Seaway’s pool builders in Burlington today and we’ll start crafting your backyard oasis as early as tomorrow.

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