Pool activities for kids (how to get your children away from the computer)

Pools are the perfect playground for kids in the summer while escaping from the heat of the scorching sun. Swimming comes naturally for small children, so planning some nice pool activities is an amazing way to pull your children away from the computer while at the same time getting more. Here are some easy to learn and easy to play pool activities for everyone in your family to enjoy.

There a lot of popular games that can be turned into a poolside version. Want to play tag? Shark in the Pool is the original tag game. You can make it more fun by dressing up “It” in a shark hat or mask. Marco Polo is another active pool game for older children. Whoever’s “it” closes their eyes and screams “MARCO,” trying to search for the other kids as they yell back “POLO.” Octopus is the water version of Red Rover, in which “it” tries to stop everyone from swimming to the other side of the pool. If you are caught by “it” you automatically become part of the octopus’ team. For each round, you and whoever’s “it” swim after everyone else and tries to catch them and make them part of the octopus team. The process repeats until there is only one person left. A kids’ all time favourite — What Time Is It Mr. Wolf? — is also great if you have a pool party with lots of children. Only now, you don’t run from the wolf, you swim!

If you’re in for a more intellectually challenging game for your children, try activities like Scavenger Hunt. Toss small sinkable toys in your pool and have kids separate into teams and compete. Whichever team collects everything first wins. Even if there aren’t that many children around to have a large scale competition, a Treasure Hunt is still exciting for single players. Just throw some shiny coins in the water and your child will naturally collect them one after another for fun. If your children are too young to dive, try the alternative activity — Ping Pong. Instead of gathering treasures underwater, kids can try to find things that float on water and may be hard to see. Nonetheless, put as many different objects as possible no matter underwater or above water to keep your children curious and enthusiastic for hours.

Some games don’t even have to make sense. You can set up mini diving competitions, and have your children dive into the pool in the most creative positions. Or you can test to see who can hold their breath for the longest time. Or even, who can swim farthest underwater. It also doesn’t have to be a competition. You could get everyone to stand in a circle, hold hands, and move faster and faster until you create a mini whirlpool. Be creative. There really are no limitation on what activities children can participate in your pool.

If you already have a pool in your house, use it to your best advantage and let your children have as much fun as they can! If you don’t, maybe it’s time to consider one to offer your children both a source of laughter and exercise. Feel free to book an appointment today at Seaway Pools and Hot Tubs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 905-294-8030, or on our toll free number 1-888-494-8030, or by email at online@seawaypoolsntubs.com.

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