Points to Consider When Purchasing a Hot Tub

If you’re thinking about purchasing a hot tub, you’ve probably been deluged by information, with everything from promotional materials to Internet blogging. Everyone has the answers, everyone knows what to recommend, and everyone has the best products. And while it could be overwhelming, the best way out is to be as well informed and knowledgeable as possible.

Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs also has a so-called “top ten” list for purchasing a hot tub, preferring to focus on the basics that most everyone can follow, regardless of specific need or budget. In the end, its important for every customer to have their own “top ten” list. What do they need in terms of features? What’s the primary purpose of the hot tub? How fancy do they want get?

Information Gathering

Clearly, we are all in the information age today, and resources are available 24/7. For Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, the corporate website allows for products and services to be viewed and assessed. But hot tub manufacturers also have websites, and when purchasing a hot tub, the more exposure the better. Comparing information has definite advantages.

Talk to Hot Tub Owners

What better way to learn about hot tubs than to talk to someone who owns one? And while family and friends is a good start, it’s a good idea to ask for actual customer references from the company who you might be considering. Purchasing a hot tub is a big commitment and any reputable dealer will be more than happy to provide customer references.

Evaluating the Dealer

For the most part, purchasing a hot tub is a significant financial undertaking. As such, it’s quite important to evaluate the quality of the dealer – after all, the dealer is the one installing the hot tub, providing customer service, and making assurances on both product and installation. To be comfortable with the choice of dealer means short and long term satisfaction.

Purchasing by Brand

There’s a lot to be said for purchasing a hot tub based on the brand. Indeed, many of the top hot tub manufacturers base their reputation on the quality of their brand. However, paying more does not always mean a better quality product.  At the same time, bargain hunting based on price can have downsides. A good dealer will advise customers honestly.

Certified Manufacturing

No need to get technical, but manufacturing certifications like ISO can be important for those purchasing a hot tub.  ISO is an independent, 3rd party certification that is designed to ensure precise standards during the manufacturing process. And in terms of quality, purchasing a hot tub from an ISO certified manufacturer would be a good consumer decision.

Awards and Recognitions

Hot tub manufacturers and dealers will often boast about design awards, product recognitions, and service excellence. And although these may have merit, industry centered awards can be lacking, and often focused on marketing and promotion. The very best test when purchasing a hot tub is to assess the dealer’s presentation style when it’s time to choose.

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